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Core Aeration

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What is Aeration?: Aeration is the introduction of air into a material. When a lawn is aerated, small holes are punched into the soil and cores are removed. The holes allow more air, water and nutrients to mix into the soil, as well as greatly reduce soil compaction. The cores decompose into the lawn, and act as a free, natural fertilizer.


Why do you need to aerate?: Aerating is a great way to invigorate your lawn. Aeration will allow more air, water, and nutrients to enter the soil, which is essential for healthy grass root growth. Aeration also greatly reduces soil compaction which is crucial for keeping a lawn healthy. Along with great soil health, Aeration will make your lawn look better than ever! Combine with overseeding for even better results.

Aeration Milford, Orange, Woodbridge, T
Core Aeration Milford, Orange, Woodbridge, CT
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